Thanksgiving 2021

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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and had the opportunity to be with friends and family. I know some of us are still reluctant to gather, but things have calmed down a bit, well I hope at least in your area. Anyhow, last year our thanksgiving consisted of only us four and we did not make the traditional turkey, instead, we made rotisserie chicken, which wasn’t bad, but I am a traditional type of guy, but my wife was not having any of it last year. The year before the pandemic I smoked our turkey and it turned out pretty good. We had the neighbors over plus my sister-in-law which, I have mentioned before in another post, had been coming over for many-many years up until this year. If you recall she has returned to her ex-husband, and she can no longer go anywhere – I must catch you up on that. Anyhow, so usually our Thanksgiving’s are full of family and friends. This year for some reason my wife was not at all interested in having Thanksgiving, at all, she was telling the daycare parents that she was not sure what to do and one of the parents ended up inviting us over.

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We all have or come from some type of tradition, whether it was a long-time tradition in the family or one that you started with your own family, but Thanksgiving and the food that comes with it is usually based on something. As a kid growing up my thanksgiving was loud, you see I come from a Mexican family, and yes, we do have Turkey, we have sweet corn, tamales, mash potatoes, and so on. Our parties were usually loud and tons of people always showed up even some uninvited guests, but there was always plenty of food. As I got older and started dating I would bounce from my girlfriend’s house to my house for thanksgiving. As I said this year my wife did not want to deal with Thanksgiving at all, I think it was really the cooking aspect she was trying to avoid, but I am not sure. So back to the daycare parents; we arrived at 3:00 pm, and dinner was served around 6:00 pm or so. During the time there was small talk. My daughter played Minecraft with the older kid and my son was running around with the younger kid, I think both my kids were not really looking forward to that, but they are good kids and kept a smile – I did feel bad for them though. I really do not know the parents, but my wife does because she takes care of their kid, and took care of their first kid as well. So, she interacts with them quite a bit daily. My wife knows what they each do, and the parents’ names, their jobs, and so on. For me it was like getting to know someone from the start, not a bad thing, I like to talk so I just kept asking questions and the night was pleasantly nice.

The turkey was delicious, my wife made stuffing and mashed potatoes, we had carrots, brussels sprouts, and bread. The food was great, we chatted during dinner, and afterward, they cleaned, and loaded us up with leftovers. The dinner ended with dessert, which was apple pie and pumpkin pie. Now I am a huge fan of pumpkin pie, that is really the only pie I like, but this time the pumpkin pie they had almost had the sweet potato pie taste and consistency, so it was not really all that good. We talked a little more and the night ended at 8:12. Overall the night was fun, got to watch a little football, the conversation was good, a little sort of like interviewing, because they did not know what I did, so it was questioning session, which I did not mind, but overall, Thanksgiving turned out to be a good night. I am only saying this because deep inside I was a little worried that it was going to be boring, but I did go in with good vibes and it turned out to be ok. I think my kids on the other hand were extremely happy to leave because their kids were driving them crazy, I could see it in their eyes. I think maybe the mood was good for us since we are getting older, I don’t know, but I did miss the laughter, the loud music, and the yelling from the parties I am used to, who knows maybe I am just getting old and the party vibe is no longer my thing- I’m not sure.

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Anyhow, I hope your Thanksgiving was great and now it is Friday or better known as Black Friday. I am wondering if any of you went out early in the morning to stand in line to get the early shopping deals? I do leave you with this thought or better said I leave you with this old saying because it works here, “never judge a book by its cover. I was thinking dinner was going to be boring, but it turned out ok. What I like to say is, enjoy every moment you have, no matter who or what might try to make it bad – just enjoy.”

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