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Can you believe that we are already in December, it felt as though this year just flew, but at the same time it felt like it dragged, you know what I mean– kind of weird. We are 30 days away from the end of the year and the start of a new year, and sometimes we need to step back and just think about what has happened does far. So many things running through our minds about every detail throughout the year, sometimes it can become overwhelming. One thing is for sure I noticed that this year alone my wife has pretty much had it with the daycare. If you recall I mentioned that she has been running a daycare for the past 17 or so years, and I think it has all gotten to her. Her patience has been thinning out and I know that she is ready to hang up her apron. Now, don’t get me wrong, she does not lose her patience with the kids, she loves them, but once in a while she does lose patience with some of the parents, but overall, she really does love working with children and she is really good at it. I just think that the past 5 to 7 years the new generation of kids, well mostly the parents have made things a lot more difficult. I am not saying that parents nowadays are bad, just that their approach to disciplining their children doesn’t really work – honestly. Not saying that we should go back to corporal punishment or spanking, but many of these parents fear their own kids.

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But that is another topic on its own, the thing I am trying to say here is that we all reach a point in our life’s that we just want to stop whatever we are doing and maybe make a change or simply stop and enjoy life a little. But we all know that we can’t because the bills won’t stop when we stop working, so we have to keep moving forward and hope for better days. I think if she had better support from the parents then maybe she would not be so tired at the end of the day. Plus, I think the other issue here is that her employees are just plain lazy, and my wife ends up doing most of the work. The daycare assistance job is not tough at all, trust me, it is not. The hours are from 8:30 to 4:30 with one hour lunch, plus one hour of quiet time, where the employee is simply cleaning up, and getting the snacks ready. They change diapers throughout the day and just play with the kids. The noise level can get a little high, but the job is easy. I just think that once the employee gets settled in, they begin to get lazy, and my wife hates lazy people – that is just her.

That is the reason I start up the dropshipping business, and other investments that I do because I am trying to replace her income so that she doesn’t have to work – a least not the daycare no more. Running a house and teenage daughter is work so she would be kept busy. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope that something catches on that will allow me to provide her with a more relaxed life. I am not asking to become a millionaire, just live comfortably. I mean we are down-to-earth people and really do not do too lavish things. I mean occasionally, we do eat at a fancy restaurant or do something that is sort of expensive but not normally. I just know that these past months and probably years, I have noticed that she is “Over It!”. I feel bad when I see her so tired and worn out at the end of the day, but all I can do is keep trying and hope that I can make it someday.

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As always, I appreciate you stopping by, and I leave you with this thought, “There are days that will seem to drag you down, but keep in mind there are people that are here to help, just ask.”

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Strange but true, I was born in San Salvador, as an abroad US citizen. It sounds strange, but you see, my mother was 5 months pregnant and happen to be visiting San Salvador. She slipped and fell in a pool and well, I was born. I am a twin, but unfortunately, he did not make and I did. My mother’s side of the family happens to be well of, and I had the opportunity to live a nice life early in my childhood. You know, private school, servant, nice home, and vacations. Things change when my mother decided to follow my father to the United States and well, that is where my story begins. I started a blog a while back, but life sort of hit and I left it behind, but now as I am a bit older, I decided I needed an avenue to share my experiences with others, while at the same time allowing me to open up and talk like I am on someone’s couch, I guess you could say. This blog will be more like an open book, created by experiences that I have had throughout my life. Experiences that many could relate to and what I did or how I handled it, you know after the fact. You never know there just might be a piece of information, idea, an option that someone could use and it would help them through the experience. Just remember these are my experiences, things I have been through, work through, and lived through – it does not mean I am right, but it does not mean I am wrong – it is simply an experience.

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