I think I finally Know Why?

If you are in a bad situation, stop and think about why you are putting up with it, and then focus on the solution. I promise, that you will find a new level of energy at that moment, and eventually you will be where you are meant to be – best of luck.

Re-Reply to One of My Posts

Communication, communication, and communication is vital in any relationship, so please talk with your partner don’t think they should automatically know what you are thinking, even after being together for a long time, don’t let them guess. I think that communicating will certainly be better for your relationship, whether it is staying together or moving one – civilized that is.

Marriage, Divorce, and Back

If you are having troubles in your relationship, you are not the only one. If the issues can not be resolved with talking and your relationship becomes hostile, please do yourself a favor and move on. It might be tough, but there is help out there, you won’t be alone.