Is Drop Shipping Dead?

You can end up spending a month and even years researching something, and that is ok, the thing is after a while to much information will cloud the senses, so I believe it is time to move forward, or stop altogether; whatever you decide, it will be ok.

Bottom of the Barrel

It is scary to start something new, whether it is a new job, a new relationship, or anything new, but don’t feel bad about being scared, because the thing is, you need to keep moving forward, even if they are baby steps, just remember never stop – also remember, you are not alone.

Thinking Aloud About Passive Income

It is never too late to start something new, and don’t feel bad if you do or don’t. Just remember whatever energy you had in mind, apply it to the idea and run with it – best of luck to you.

Yes or No – Drop Shipping Business?

Opportunities do exist, it is a matter of doing the research, establishing a plan with safeguards in case something changes drastically in your life. The important thing is, once you have the plan, execute it – Just Do It! I am confident success will follow you