What “Reincarnation” Means to Me

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Reincarnation. Noun: the rebirth of a soul in a new body. Synonyms: rebirth, transmigration of the soul, metempsychosis, samsara, transanimation.

What does reincarnation mean to you? Besides the definition and what most people know about reincarnation or believe what reincarnation is; people have different details about how it all comes about. Some cultures believe that we reincarnate into animals or that reincarnation depends on how we behaved in our previous life, if you are bad, you might come back as a rat or snake, and if you are good, you might come back as a lion, eagle, etc. I guess it all depends on what people believe is bad or good. Some people believe that we are simply reborn and our new life depends on how we behaved in our previous life if we are bad maybe we come back to deal with many struggles, but if we are good, we may come back with no or fewer struggles this time around.

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When my kids were young, we had dinner together all the time and made sure everyone put their phones down and just talked. Sometimes our conversations would get a little out of hand, but they were always fun. I remember a time when we talked about reincarnation and what each of us thought it meant; so, we went around the room and everyone gave their opinion on what they thought reincarnation meant to them. Now, not to make this a long post I am going to give you the basic idea of what we all thought. We all believe that we do come back, but not as an animal, instead we would come back as different people with different life.

My children both agreed that when a person died and saw that light at the end of the tunnel, it was the birth of a child. You see they believed, and so do I, that the light that people supposedly saw when they were dying was the light in the hospital, right about the mother when they were being reborn. We believe that we will leave our body to go into another body.

Now, my daughter took it further and said that when a baby is crying in the hospital, they are crying because they were remembering what just happen to them in their previous life; the faces of those they last saw and the memories they had was all crashing down on the baby, which made them cry. To take it even further, we all believe that our new life will depend on how we acted in our previous life, so it is important to be good, so as not to have a new and burdensome life.

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I hope you enjoyed this post, and I leave you with a thought about reincarnation, “I am a firm believer in reincarnation for people who either have more work to do or have so much debt to pay back that they have to be there – Prince”.

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