Sister-In-Law Saga Continues

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Over the weekend my wife visited her sister, well she tried. You see my wife’s sister has moved back in with her ex-husband, I mean she completely took everything from my wife’s home and moved out. My wife had no clue, and when she arrived at the house it was completely empty. My wife got a bit nervous and called her sister only to find out that she moved back in with her ex-husband without telling anyone. My wife is totally ok with it, but she did not know there was nothing at the house. I mean nothing no food, toilet paper, water, towels, sheets, blankets, I mean nothing except a couch and a bed. Even the kitchen stuff was all gone, no utensils, plates, cups, etc. Of course, my wife was upset because she had to run to an appointment, and leave the kids in an empty house. On her way back she picked up some essentials, but she told me on her next trip she will need to buy pretty much everything.

So, when she did get a chance to go visit her sister, it was at her husband’s monster house, which if you remember I talked about it in the Marriage, Divorce, and Back post, but if you had not got a chance, take a few minutes to read the post. So, when my wife arrived my wife’s sister looked nervous, that is what my wife said. Now, the funny thing is even my daughter said that her aunt looked sad and even looked a little scared. I was thinking to myself, how would my daughter know about that, which is interesting. The thing is that my wife’s sister once again looked like she was a prisoner of her own home. I did ask if her sister was still running her business, which is cooking food and delivering it to residential places and other businesses and my wife said as far as she knew her sister was still doing it.

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I was talking to my wife about it, but when I ask her questions about the topic she usually answered me with a yes or no. But during the day, she talks to her new employee about what happened over the weekend as though they have known each other for years – that stinks I wish we could talk. So the bit I was able to get out of her, was that my wife believes that her sister is doing this simply because she does not want another woman living at her ex-husband’s house. You see after her divorce her ex-husband started seeing a younger woman, she was a teacher. The funny thing is that he did the same thing to her that she was doing to my wife’s sister. He would not allow her to work, she had to cancel her gym membership because he did not want her to go to the gym. The thing that gets to me is how this lady allowed herself to get in the same position as my sister-in-law. I hate to guess or make an assumption, but honestly, I think it really comes down to the money. By the way, I am having a glass of jack-and-coke, it has been a spell for me, and it is so relaxing, hopefully, I don’t get all crazy in my writing.

Anyhow, my thing is why would either of them allow that to happen to them – why? I just can’t believe that old saying that, “Nice guys finish last” is for real. Wait, I just looked it up and this is the definition I got back, “Those who are overly pleasant, considerate, or deferential will not be as successful as those willing to be more ruthless.” wait is this true, you got to shut the front door. I just can’t believe it, but wait, I actually can believe it because I see it all the time, not just at home, but at work as well, out in public, it is amazing that this saying is so true. Back to my sister-in-law, I told my wife that I am pretty sure she will be redoing her vows, and my wife says she won’t, that her sister is just playing the game. I personally don’t believe you can play games with the “Game Master”, but if she thinks she can, all the best to my sister-in-law. Honestly, I hope she is ok and that what happened 7 or 8 years ago with my wife’s family doesn’t happen again, because all her brothers and sisters have been through a lot over the past years, like many of us, and this type of situation will definitely not make things better – I see a storm brewing in the horizon, but my wife says it won’t happen.

My biggest concern is the house that was left to both of them, the one my sister-in-law was living in for the past 7-8 years. She pretty much took over and made it sound like the house was only hers when in reality the house is in both their names. I told my wife that the house somehow or other will end up in my sister-in-law’s ex-husbands hands; all my wife says is if it did happen she would disown her sister – not sure that would ever happen. I hope my wife does not lose her house, it has been in the family for generations and my wife and her sister are the next two, so hopefully, the house will pass on to my wife’s and sister’s kid – maybe become like a vacation destination. It is a nice piece of property, if we knocked down the old house and build a new one, it could be pretty nice and the cost to build in that city is extremely cheap.

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I had to share what was happening and not because I was trying to be a nosey person, but because of what she went through in her first round of being married to this man, and now she is going through it all again – why, does she have another agenda, I don’t know. Once again I appreciate your time and I leave you with the thought, “I know sometimes it can feel lonely, our kids grow up and hardly visit us. That doesn’t mean you have to go back to something that was unhealthy, there is help, there are support groups, you’ll find friends if you allow yourself to.”

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