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I am sure you if you have had the chance to read through some of my posts have indicated that I had a rough childhood. Now, there was a moment in my life as a teen when I did what probably many teens do and that is leaving home at an early age.

You see when I was 17 I decided to leave home, and the reasons were that it was tough at home, really there was no structure, no support, and I found that outside the home with friends. So, while in high school, my junior year, decided to move out and I moved in with a coworker and his wife.

You see I worked throughout my high school years and it so happened that one of my coworkers bought a new house and he mentioned that he was looking for someone to rent out one of the rooms in his new home to help offset the mortgage. My ears perked and I thought why not.

I believe the rent was 300 which included utilities, like water, and electricity, and I was able to use part of the kitchen. Now, actually, instead of using the kitchen they always included me in their dinner, which was really nice. Of course, I did help around the house, with a lot of things, which was a good deal when you thought about it.

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Now, maybe 3 or 4 months into me moving out, my mother found me, well she said she always knew where I was, and told me that she had cancer. It was then that I decided to move back in with my mom and help her out. I remember packing and loading up my 1977 Datsun B210 and driving back home – it was really weird.

Now, even though it was only a few months, it felt weird because of the reasons I moved out. My mother was a wonderful, amazing person, but I saw too many things and just thought it would be best to pull away from it all, but now that I returned home I realized that I am a real chump.

I should have never left, and I think my teen hormones were getting the best of me, I simply did not understand what she was going through and was selfish in a way. The feeling I had returning was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, I am not sure why, but it felt good coming home. I mean I felt like I left a kid and came back a young man.

I am glad I came home, that was the best year of my life, reconnecting with my mother. It was both amazing because we connected a whole different level and it was sad, because I watched her deteriorate  because of the cancer.  I have to say, that that experience was something I will never ever forget, she was everything and I just wished she could see me now.

Well, maybe not, because I do have some issues which I am trying to work through, but every time I think I have it beat, I get kicked right back down to the ground. It is a struggle, but I would return home all over again.

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Once again thank you for stopping by, and I leave you with this thought, “If you remember the past it does not necessarily mean you are dwelling in the past. The experience from the past builds the character you are and remember you came this far, you can keep going forward – best of luck to you in all you do.

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Strange but true, I was born in San Salvador, as an abroad US citizen. It sounds strange, but you see, my mother was 5 months pregnant and happen to be visiting San Salvador. She slipped and fell in a pool and well, I was born. I am a twin, but unfortunately, he did not make and I did. My mother’s side of the family happens to be well of, and I had the opportunity to live a nice life early in my childhood. You know, private school, servant, nice home, and vacations. Things change when my mother decided to follow my father to the United States and well, that is where my story begins. I started a blog a while back, but life sort of hit and I left it behind, but now as I am a bit older, I decided I needed an avenue to share my experiences with others, while at the same time allowing me to open up and talk like I am on someone’s couch, I guess you could say. This blog will be more like an open book, created by experiences that I have had throughout my life. Experiences that many could relate to and what I did or how I handled it, you know after the fact. You never know there just might be a piece of information, idea, an option that someone could use and it would help them through the experience. Just remember these are my experiences, things I have been through, work through, and lived through – it does not mean I am right, but it does not mean I am wrong – it is simply an experience.

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