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So, guess what, not sure if you had the chance to read My First Sale – “BUT” posted on February 9, 2022, it talks about my first sale and what had happened with Pay Pal. After correcting the whole Pay Pal thing, I was extremely happy, you know, first sale and all. I thought it was a sign for things to come, not a huge start, of course, but a start all as well.

Well, today I got an email from the customer letting me know they wanted a refund. I was devasted, sad, angry, all sorts of feelings – I just need a break. Anyhow, so my site you know that one that was created by Alidropship, well it doesn’t have a way for the customer to return the item, you know to go back into the site, click on return and they get a nice label for them to return the item. So, of course, I had to chalk this one as a loss. Quick thought here: PayPal got their money, and now I am trying to see if I can get my refund from the supplier, will see how that goes. Now, I guess that is on me because I should have somehow had the return feature setup, but of course, I overlooked it. That means I need to figure something out quick; I am looking at USPS and it seems they have something I can do where I would send a return label to a customer by email, still looking into it. Just a quick note, that not all suppliers provide return labels.

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Like I said there is a lot more to a drop shipping business than anyone likes to say there is, you know all these social media hypes or YouTube videos telling the world how great it will all be, well, it might be a great thing later down the road (or not), but in the meantime, it takes a toll on the mind. I know it is not a quick-rich scheme, but I wish these companies truly cared about us and really set up a business model completely from start to finish. But these companies always leave out something conveniently. These minor things add up but of course, there are plug-ins and other options that you can add, for a nominal fee. I mean the price is not cheap to start something like a drop shipping business, you know, $300 for the exact site from Alidropship, $20 for social media setup, $500+ for ads, $150 here, $20 there, and so on and so on, and of course our time – it all adds up. There are other companies offering drop shipping sites, much cheaper, but at what cost later.

Anyways, I am already into this drop shipping business for at least $2000 since starting this journey last year in November. Remember now my site wasn’t up and running until the first week of December. $2000 might not sound like a lot to some folks, but to me, it is hard-earned money, that I know is an investment, but it still hurts. I am trying to find that one thing or maybe like some people are saying, “Multiply Income Streams” that will get me out of this rat race. I am not looking into making millions, I am just trying to set up something up that will generate enough income to maintain me and my wife in retirement.

Funny thing is that last year I took a shot at day trading, and during all my research and practicing, I started to follow this guy, who has been day trading for 15 plus years and is very successful. I thought to myself back when I almost lost it all, why don’t I just reach out to this guy, and ask him if I would give him 5-10K would he duplicate his trades for me and I would let him keep 50% of whatever is made. I mean, come on if I was that person and someone asked me that, I would do it – of course, all legally and in writing right. Anyhow, I am going to continue working on my drop shipping business, and see how that goes, I am not giving up. Tomorrow I am going to completely revamp my drop shipping site because I currently have a lot of Sellvia products where I am paying a $39.99 monthly subscription for products that do not sell at all and trust me they are overpriced – we’ll see how that goes.

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Once again as always, I do appreciate you stopping by and I leave you with this thought, “Don’t believe everything you see or hear on the internet, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Be mindful of what you do and remember, whatever you spend on, is an investment – so work at it”.

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