My Thoughts on a Vegetarian Diet

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The other night my wife made cauliflower rice, which we hadn’t done in some time. It was a nice change because normally we do have rice, whether it is white or Spanish. Not with every dish, but this main dish happens to go with the rice and she served cauliflower rice instead. Anyhow, so when she served the plates and I saw the cauliflower rice I had asked her if we were ever going to try to do vegetarian again.

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Let me tell you the back story before I get to her answer. We did try a couple of weeks to buy groceries for vegetarian dishes and I have to say we normally spend about $125 in groceries a week, but that time our grocery bill came to $275. You are wondering that sounds a bit high, but after talking to a few parents from the daycare, they confirm that that was about how much they spend a week. Well, we went with it, and the food we had recipes for was delicious, but there was one problem, we had a 17-year 6-foot Hockey player and at each of the evening meals he always ended up hungry after dinner. We did try shopping one more week and adjusted the groceries to get foods that would fill him up (we were learning), but the bill was even larger.

We did talk to some parents and they made suggestions, but the grocery bills were a bit too much for us. Now, we did keep a few recipes, like the cauliflower rice to change it up, but we went back to our normal weekly meals. Don’t get me wrong, we actually eat pretty healthy and have healthy snacks, but for some reason, the cost is cheaper so we threw out the idea of going vegetarian.

So, what did my wife say to my question, she only laughed and started to eat. I take her laughter as a “No”. Like I said there are a few dishes we do make and replace one side dish every so often with a vegetarian side dish.

Here is a cool recipe I found in Food Network for cauliflower fried rice.

Once again, I thank you for stopping by and I leave you with this thought, “I recommend trying out some dishes that are outside your comfort zone. You might find a dish or two that you like, and meals can be a fun thing again if they aren’t already – Bon Appétit.”

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