My First Crush

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This is probably one of the stories I repeat a million times to everyone that listens. I am not sure why this is the very first one that comes to mind, from all my first crushes, when someone asks me if I remember my first crush. It’s funny, I do remember my first girlfriend, or my first time of you know what. This one crush just always brings a smile and now that I think about it, it is the first time I thought about a girl or thought about someone other than just friends.

My first crush was my third-grade teacher whose name was Ms. Fox. She was the most amazing teacher, very caring, always attentive to all her students, and she just knew how to reach her students so they would listen and learn. I remember my fourth-grade teacher and it always seemed that someone missed class, but not in Ms. Fox’s class, students seem to never miss a day.

I remember her dark long and semi-curly hair, she had this smooth peach-colored face, and her smile was just amazing. Whenever she smiled a felt and I am sure other students did as well, a sense of calm all over me like there was not a worry in the world while in her class.

Here’s the part where I think that my hormones were starting to activate. You see Ms. Fox always wore pants, they were shiny black and well tight pants. When I close my eye I could picture her silhouette, I even remember they were like pin-stripe pants, and well she just looked beautiful every day I saw her.

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What comes to mind immediately is Ms. Fox’s blouses, they always seem to be buttoned a few buttons lower than you would see on most adults, and well, whenever she came over to my desk to see how I was doing, it was a beautiful sight. I am pretty sure that she did catch me a few times, but she never said anything. Now that I think about it, I think I saw a smile when she did catch me.

I was pretty sure that I raised my hand quite a bit, even though I did not need any help, just to have her come over to my desk. I would simply lean on my hand and watch her lips move as she explained the lesson of the day, and of course, ever so often my eyes would slowly wander away from her lips and straight to her bosom.

The funny thing is that I still get chills thinking about Ms. Fox, besides her being a great teacher she was just beautiful. Now that I think about it, it was very possible that I mistakenly attempted to compare her to a new girlfriend, which never seem to go well. I am pretty sure for the longest time that Ms. Fox would have been the type of woman I would have liked to marry, that crazy.

My first crush, I am sure we all went through something similar, but it is one memory that I will never forget. A teacher I would never forget and the first woman that stole my heart. Wherever you are Ms. Fox, thank you for being a great third-grade teacher and a beautiful woman.

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I appreciate you stopping by, and with all posts, I do try and leave you with a thought, “There is nothing wrong with remembering, whether it is good or bad, these memories will bring smiles, laughter, anger, sadness, love, and many more other emotions, these memories will or have built who we are.”

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