My Daughter – Troubled Again

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I did not think I was going to come back to this story in my life, but it seems my daughter is drifting away from her studies, well wait maybe not all her studies. I have it set up where I get daily emails on her progress in school, meaning I could see what assignments she is missing and how she is doing on her tests and quizzes. This is probably not the best thing to do as a parent, because it can certainly raise the blood pressure. If you recall in my earlier posts Troubled Daughter and Student Seating – At School, she was having some issues with school. Anyhow, So I noticed that she was missing quite a few assignments and I approached her on the topic. The thing with my daughter is that she has a look, that is straight and emotionless and it makes it difficult to read her. I asked her what was happening and to give me an explanation of why she has not turned in some of the missing assignments. She told me she did but was missing 4 assignments and that she would get them done over the weekend. Well, as the weekend progress, she comes out and tells me she completed 3 and had 3 more. I stopped and asked her what she meant if originally she had told me she was missing 4, she giggled and told me she has three more. At the moment I was not sure how to react, but I told her she needed to get the assignments turned in by Sunday at noon. The good thing is that she got it done, and she showed me on her classroom site that she turned them in.

Who remembers this movie?

Now, the thing is that I do not want her to go through what happened last time, fall behind, so I told her she needs to turn in her homework when it is due – no if or buts about it. Now, let me clear something up, the class I am referring to is math; she has A’s in all her other classes, except math. Now, I talked to her about her math class, and she tells me that most of the students have a D or F. Now, please I am not trying to offend anyone, and I am sure like any business there are good workers and bad workers – simply said. She tells me that the students are afraid to ask the teacher questions because when someone does, the teacher begins to talk to them sarcastically and as though they were third graders. Now, I have confirmed this with my daughter’s friends and it seems this teacher is not popular with the students. Heck, my son who is in college remembers the teacher and he said he never had him, but heard horror stories about him. That does not make me feel any better.

Not to question the teacher’s teaching methods, but it seems that he is not inspiring or doing his part, so I did tell my daughter to ask me or her brother for help when it comes to math. I also recommended that she look for videos online, there are a few good sites out there that help, and I asked her to look at these videos along with my help to get her through the class. Now check this out, I emailed the teacher asking for any advice on what I could do to help my daughter through the class, and he never responded. That does not paint a good picture of him and it only frustrates me because my daughter is trying, she just does not get the right help from the teacher. My thought is, shouldn’t a teacher inspire students and not frighten them?

Another thing my daughter is struggling with in her math class is that, she gets nervous when she has to take quizzes and tests for math only, and she tells me that she blanks out. She knows the stuff when she walks in but as soon as she sits down her mind begins to race and she gets lost. I told her that she needs to find her peaceful place, and whatever she does in her other classes seems to work, and maybe if she applies what she does in those classes to the math class it might help her through the tests. I am working with her on trying to find that spot, that sense of calmness that will help her get through these tests. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

A parents job never ends.

Once again I thank you for stopping by and I leave you with this thought, “it might feel that you are smothering your kids by asking questions or keeping on top of them, but trust me they might complain or get angry at times, but they do appreciate it.”

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2 thoughts on “My Daughter – Troubled Again

  1. Learning of the maths chapter is similar to the learning transfer of bicycle riding. It’s so simple in the real practice but the system of teaching theories makes it so hard like the climbing of Mt Everest, the highest peak of the world.

    High class teaching is provided in the classroom but nothing is transferred to student’s brain. Your daughter is innocent and I am sorry for her that she could not finish school work on time.

    Maths knowledge must be transferred to your kid’s brain regions and only after that she can answer your questions without delay. I wish high speed learning transfer and great success for your daughter.

    Happiness Classroom

    1. I truly appreciate the response and your insight on this. We are working through it together and I am trying my best as parent to you know give her the right tools to be successful, well actually help her be what she would like. Once again thank you for your input.

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