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I am not sure if you recall reading a few times that I mentioned that the company I work for is in the process of divesting a division of the whole company. I happen to be in that division that is being sold. So, for the moment I am not sure if I will have a job tomorrow, but it has been a slow process and I am still here. First, we hear that we have a buyer, then two buyers, but the negotiations are still going on – this has been the case since last September. It has been stressful, to say the least, and at the moment I am not sure how to deal with it – I guess the same I have been this whole time. Now during this whole selling of our division, there has been a lot of changes from a management point of view. Just recently the director of my department resigned, then a week later the manager that reported to them also resigned. Today the Vice President of Compliance scheduled an impromptu meeting to let us know that my manager just resigned, then a few weeks back the President of our division, the one being sold, resigned. Wait, last Friday my co-worker also resigned, and several other professionals on my team have also resigned. The herd is thinning at all levels, and the question is should I jump ship like everyone else is? I don’t know what to do at this time. I have been told that this will create opportunities for me, but others tell me the ship is sinking and more than likely the company – our division – will be broken up. I am left with this dilemma if I should start looking for a job somewhere else or ride this out until I am either kept, promoted, or let go.

I have been with this company for 17 years, and have seen a lot when it comes to the company products, services, management moves, selling and renaming of the company, going public, then back to private, there has been a lot and I have given a lot to the company. The past year I was denied a raise, the year before I was given a bonus of $1000, which of course was torn apart by taxes. The year prior I was once again denied a raise, the funny thing is that I have consistently met or exceeded all my goals each and every year and had won several top awards within the company. Imagine 8,000 employees, and I was one of the 50 recipients to be given this honor along with a nice compensation. So, my track record is on spot, never falling, but only rising to the occasion, so it makes me think how in the world did I only get 1 raise and 1 bonus in the past 5 years with all that I had accomplished.

That brings me back to my question as I see all these coworkers, managers, and executives leaving, I mean in the past year we have lost easily at least 500 or people at all levels, should I start a new journey and begin to look for a new opportunity or job? You know as I am writing this, I start looking at myself and this whole darn thing about starting a side business, you know a drop shipping business, or affiliate marketing, or something I think I am seriously avoiding starting a business or looking for a new job. Is it because I am comfortable where I am at, but I know I am not completely happy? Is it because there is a possibility that I will have the opportunity to get promoted in my current job, and that makes me wonder where I would be if I started a new side business? I mean, I would hate to start a side business only to get let go at my current job, then it will either be sink-or-swim, but I have a family to think about so that makes it harder – or does it? These are questions or things running around my mind.

Could it be my age, I mean I am not old, old, but I am getting older and it is tougher to simply pick up and start somewhere new, or start something new. Man, when I was in my 20’s all I did was try out new business opportunities, dared to apply for that management position, or simply moved on. I mean the last thirty years I have worked for three companies, one in the aerospace industry, the other also in the aerospace industry but for the government, and then this one which is in the financial industry. So, I have really stuck to what I knew and maybe that is my issue, I know change is good, but I am holding my ground, but not sure if for the right reasons. As I said, this could all mean a chance for me to get promoted into a higher role or lose my job and start over somewhere else. I do have the skills, education, experience for sure, and personality to push forward, but I wonder if I am waiting for the wrong reasons. I don’t know, all I am seeing right now is our ship is losing a lot of sailors, and a lot of those are experienced sailors so navigating this company will need a strong captain or in this case a strong Executive and the right seaman to help navigate through all of this, but the seas look a little choppy and I am not sure if there is a storm ahead or clear skies.

For the moment I will simply ride the waves, keep alert of what is going on, and maybe prepare mentally for the worst and just worry about what happens until it happens – I guess that is all I can really do.

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I do appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read and as always I try to leave you with a thought, “Don’t feel bad if you are indecisive about doing something, just make sure that it doesn’t take up all your energy. I believe that things always fall in place as they should – I will be fine and you will be fine”.

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