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It’s been over a decade, at least, since I last did a job interview. I know things have changed, the way a resume looks, what you say, and what you ask is important to compete with the younger generation. I recently got my resume redone by a professional, and the good news was that for the most part, it was up to date in the question of the format, and the information that is provided.

Now, of course, as you and I know with all things in life, you can always be sure to find some video on how to do great in an interview, on the internet. I took the journey and sat through several online videos, teaching what to say, how to ask, what to ask, how to sit, my posture, my demeanor, and so on so that I would be one of the top candidates.

Of course, as with everything, preparation is not a bad idea and most interview gurus do mention that you should practice in front of a mirror or with someone and do some research on the company you are about to interview with. I think that when it comes down to it, all that works, but I believe if you are honest, straightforward, and have a smile, things should go well – that is my opinion. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

So, I started to look back at my interview and I realized a few things I did that were not good. For example, I do know that I tend to speak quickly, and over the years I have learned to slow down. The thing is when I get excited, I tend to start talking faster. During my interview, I believe a few of my answers to the questions went a bit too fast, and probably seem that I was jumping around. Even though I did get my point across, it was probably done in an around about way.

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I did do my research on the company and one of the questions asked was why I wanted to work for the company and why I was leaving my current position – it was a two-part question. I started out slow, and provided details about why I wanted to leave the company I was currently at and then I started to speed up when I spoke about why I wanted to join their company. Now this happen after they provided some information about what they were looking for, what they needed and what they currently had, which just lit up my brain and I got excited.

The opportunity is this, they need someone to help them establish the area I am applying for, they are not sure what they need, but they have a vision of what they would like, they just need someone to execute their vision. I lost it, I was like, this is exactly what I can do for you, I have built these skills over 30 years. I know that with the right tools, I can get you where you want to be.

I hope that my over-enthusiasm was not a deal breaker and that my resume, my skills, and my years’ experience show through and I am given the opportunity. I was the last candidate on their list, they will let me know by the end of the week or first thing next week if I can move on through the process. I am crossing my fingers, and hope that if I get a second-round interview, and hopefully it will be an in-person interview, but if not then online will be fine. I just want the opportunity to have them see me and allow me to give them what they are looking for, we shall see. I need this in my life right now, because I just had a fall out with my current manager and I don’t think the future looks pretty besides I think I need something new to get me motivated again, in all parts of my life.

With that, I do recommend a few things if you do an interview but have been off the market for a while. First, make sure your resume is formatted because things have changed over the past decade. Second, look online for some videos on preparing for an interview, just watch several of them, and pull out the pieces that make sense to you. Third, practice, I know this sounds silly, but practice. I am sure some websites have example questions that are done during an interview, so read them and practice answering them. Lastly, when the day comes, take a deep breath, you are the expert, they called you, and remember to slow down when you talk and it is ok to pause for a second when answering questions. This lets the employer know that you are truly thinking about the answer.

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Thanks for stopping by and with that I leave you with this thought, “It can be a little scary to do an interview, but you know what think about it, they called you for a reason, now all you have to do is tell them that reason – you got this and best of luck. “

A few books and video on Interviewing success, you might like. There is a lot more out there – Good Luck!

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