Job Change – Scared and Excited

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I have been working at my current employer for 18 years, and for the last 5 years, I had not received any raises, except for a bonus on two separate years which taxes tore me up on. This year after taking on the work of two additional employees, I was told I met requirements and my raise was 2%. I lost my mind and could not believe what they had told me.

Of course, after mentioning that I was going to start looking, they worked on getting me an additional 8%, plus a promotion, which I already held, but somehow over the years, it was diluted. Even after that, they had the nerve to through it all in my face, I couldn’t believe what management was saying. Of course, I kept my search on for a new job, a new home.

I went through many interviews, sometimes meeting with the same company multiple times with multiple individuals only to be told that they found another candidate. I did lose hope for a second, but I thought to myself that I was worth a lot more than I was being given. I continued my search and eventually found an employer that truly cares about its employees.

I was offered a 30% increase on base salary, plus an annual 10% bonus by only meeting expectations, plus an annual compensation of nearly 20K in stock options, plus, full health, dental, vision, retirement, and unlimited PTO – wait I still was able to get a 5-10% raise every year. I was also told that my previous management skills were what they needed since their goal was to increase their size 5 fold by end of the year. I had the opportunity to move into a leadership role. Anyone in their right mind would have taken that, right. Well, I took several days to think about it, just because I did enjoy the people at my current employment.

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For some reason I was always overlooked for a promotion, not sure why. I mean if someone thought I would not be a good leader, I wish they would have been straight and just told me. But I never heard otherwise, instead, people always said I would be a great leader, and offer the steps to get there, but it never happened.

After a few days, I accepted the offer in a new industry, and well it was a leap of faith, because I don’t know what is in store for me at the new company it could be more of the same, but I thought if I don’t try I will never know. At least from a financial point, it places me in a better position to help my family.

All I could say to anyone who is thinking about leaving a toxic, unwelcoming job, “Do it!” at the end of it all you will feel like a weight was lifted from your shoulders, and if you know you are a great employee, take that with you to the new job and I am sure the new employer will appreciate all that you bring to the table. It might be scary, it was for me, but it all feels so much better and now that I write about it, I am extremely excited for what is next.

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Thanks for stopping by and I leave you with this thought, “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails – Bertha Calloway.” Best of luck with everything you do in your life.

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