Is Drop Shipping Dead?

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I was wondering and I am really just thinking out loud because lately, I have been seeing a whole lot of ads that say a drop shipping business is no longer a profitable business to start – it is dead. Instead, these ads are now talking about making money using SMS, email, or something or other to start making money. Now I know there could be potentially multiple ways to make money online, but we all know it takes money or know-how to drive visitors to your site or sites. The thing is with so many sites out there, we know the competition is tough, and getting your site at the top level of a search is costly or once again, if you have the know-how then you just need the time to do it – and probably some money as well. As you all know I have been contemplating about starting a side hustle, and a few readers have reached out to let me know about their business opportunity or idea, and I truly do appreciate it. Of course, once again a lot of these opportunities take either a one-time fee, or a monthly subscription to receive a publication, take a course, or make a phone call to learn about the opportunity. I am not trying to bash anyone out there; you have a business that provides you with a passive income and I respect that. I understand and people tell me that it takes money to make money and others will tell me that it doesn’t and rather we should use other people’s money to make money – but it all comes down to money. Now whether you decide to invest 29 dollars a month to start a Shopify store, and you do all the work, or spend 300-800 dollars to have someone build you a store and you just drive the traffic to the store, it will take money. The amount will depend on what you have or better said what you can afford to lose – this is the truth and we all know that. Obviously, we never want to lose our investments, so we try our best at whatever we decide to do, but there is that chance, maybe far-far-away, that the business you start might not make it. I am not trying to be negative about this, but we must be realistic, and all-in-all I hope that whatever I start or you start, is successful.

Now, that brings me back to my question, “is drop shipping dead?” Or am I just getting a whole new set of ads that are giving me other opportunities to maybe enhance or add onto what I already have? The thing is that it made me think that maybe I might be too late to the drop shipping game, and now I have the dilemma of whether I should spend the 300-800 dollars to have someone build the site and then I focus on driving visitors or the 29 dollars a month subscription and do the whole thing myself. Of course, other companies charge around 125 dollars to build you a Shopify store with say 10 products, and all the necessary tools to start selling immediately – so there are choices in between the prices I was thinking.

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I have been procrastinating for quite some time now and all this new information about “drop shipping being dead” just placed me back on the fence again as to whether or not to start a drop shipping business, it does stink and maybe I am reading to much into the new ads. I am sure I am not the only one and I know better than to believe everything I see on the internet, but still, it can become convoluted. It’s funny but in one of my social apps, I saw a funny post about how people procrastinate on starting a business and illustrated how people can buy a 1000 dollar iPhone but are not willing to spend 1000 dollars on a new side hustle – right. Anyways the post had other comparisons, like watching Netflix for hours but not having the time to run a side business. There were a few other comparisons; it was eye-opening – I wish I could find it again.

Anyhow, I wanted to just throw this out there, and get everyone’s juices going. Maybe others are thinking about starting a drop shipping business, but for whatever reason you haven’t, this might be something to think about when you do decide. All I know is that there might be some truth to this, it might just be another avenue for additional passive income, or drop shipping is not dead yet and it is growing exponentially, which means we can all have a little piece of the success of drop shipping – who knows.

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Once again, I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to read my post and as I always I try to leave you with a thought, “You can end up spending a month and even years researching something, and that is ok, the thing is after a while to much information will cloud the senses, so I believe it is time to move forward, or stop altogether; whatever you decide, it will be ok”.

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