I think I finally Know Why?

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This is going to be a short and to-the-point post, but also enlightening. So, a lot of my posts talk about my marriage and how it’s been for the past 7-10 years, let’s just say it is not an ideal marriage, but definitely a typical type of marriage situation that a lot of couples go through.

The thing is though my writings about my marriage I have found insight, into relationships, and the whole family unit thing. Having children, raising children, the beliefs, the dreams that couples share, the whole package of a relationship, I have learned or experienced. I am pretty sure I am not the only one going through this exact situation, not the reason for me not moving on, it may not be what you would consider a reason, but it hit me the other day.

You see, I have in my writing had people reach out and told me to move on, maybe do a couples therapy, talk about it with my wife, and so on, and I do appreciate everyone’s comments and messages, but I realize what is holding me back from moving on is probably the dumbest thing you will hear or see on the internet.

I do not want to move on because I do not want to live in an apartment again – period. Not that apartment living is bad, because obviously my first several years of marriage we lived in an apartment, and of course, as a kid, I lived in an apartment, but at my age and the amount of work I have put into “Life”, I do not want to go back to an apartment.

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I know it sounds dumb, but I personally, my own feelings and desires, simply do not see myself in an apartment at my age. I don’t feel like I have worked and suffered so much to end up back on square one. Now, the issue here is not so much the maintenance of owning a house, which I can, the issue is getting into that second house.

You know the market right now, home prices and high-interest rates, well they are not in my favor. So two things from this and probably dumb reasons not to move. The first reason for looking to buy another house is to have me or allow me to move on with my life as I feel I deserve and the second reason would be to leave something of value to both of my kids.

I know, that these are probably the worse reasons to stay in a marriage, and I know I would be fine living in an apartment, I know that but I think with this post and me writing it out, it makes sense to me, and for now, I will be a little bit happier knowing why I am in this relationship at this point. That sounded bad right, “a little happier” but it is not what I meant, but that now I can step forward, be more alive, and not so down or depressed because I just gave the reasons why.

I can now focus on the goal of buying a second home and not worry so much about anything else that is troubling in my relationship. I think with this I can definitely move on, exercise, and focus on my side businesses with newfound energy. I might be more successful in one or more of my side businesses – you never know. It was strange writing this piece, not sure how or why it came about, but I feel good about myself.

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Hey as always I do appreciate you lending an ear, and with that, I leave you with a thought, “If you are in a bad situation, stop and think about why you are putting up with it, and then focus on the solution. I promise, that you will find a new level of energy at that moment, and eventually you will be where you are meant to be – best of luck“.

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