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Over the weekend I was cleaning the bathrooms which I have done for many many years and as I was cleaning, I realized that I am an organizer or someone that must-have things in a certain way to get the job done; I have always known this but for some reason this weekend it crossed my mind. I start by gathering my cleaning supplies, not much, they are Windex, Ajax, all surface cleaner, Lysol, 3 lint-free rags, cleaning solution for the toilet, floor cleaner, and a scrubber (they are in a small caddy) – I will add the cleaning supplies I use to my Cool Stuff page.

I then begin removing all the stuff from the counter, plus anything on the floor like a garbage pail or our foot mat. Some people recommend wearing gloves while cleaning, but I don’t use them personally – that is just me. This is where it hit me that I do things in a certain order. I begin to clean from the top down. I squirt cleaning solution, plus a little Ajax in the toilet. I let that sit a bit. I spray some Windex on the mirror and clean it, then I spray all surface cleaner on the walls and get those cleaned – you would be amazed at how dirty walls can get. I get a toilet scrubber and begin cleaning the toilet – I let the suds sit for a while before I flush. I grab some Lysol and spray the bottom layer of the toilet, the seat, and the cover. I wipe all around, including the basin of the toilet, moving towards the back of the toilet. When I am done cleaning it shines like a star, man I even joke and say, “Man you could eat of that seat” – my kid’s cringe. I know some say that Lysol is expensive, but the spray lasts me a couple of months easily, maybe more. I then move to the shower. I first slightly wet the shower walls and floor. I then sprinkle Ajax on the walls and the floor. I also pour some Clorox on the floor – keep in mind the odor is strong so make sure the bathroom is ventilated. I start scrubbing from the top and work each wall working my way down to the floor. I then scrub the floor mixing the Ajax and Clorox as I scrub. The added Clorox makes the floor shine white and of course, kills any bacteria. Now, when I rinse, I like to use hot water, yah it can get costly, but personal health and safety, especially now day is important so the extra little increase in gas/electricity is worth it – it isn’t much trust me.

Now that I am done with the mirror, toilet, and tub I begin cleaning the bathroom sink by pouring some Ajax and a little Clorox. I scrub and rinse. I move to the countertop by wiping it down with Clorox wipes or I use Lysol spray and a rag – depends on your countertops, of course, so be careful.  Like to spray a little lemony scent all-purpose spray and wipe down. I begin putting stuff back on the counter. I then reach for a dry swifter to sweet the floor. Now, why do I use a dry swifter, because I noticed that using a broom simply moves around the dust and hair would get stuck on the broom bristles, which I did not like? One day I happen to see my son use the swifter instead of the broom and not only did it pick up the dust but the hairs too, and now I just simply throw out the swifter pad – of course you can use a broom and duster pan, I just happen to like the swifter. Once the floor is clear of hair and dust I begin from the back of the bathroom and work my way to the door. I pour Favor 3 in 1 floor cleaner with a lemony scent – Yes, lemony scent, I just like the smell of lemons – and it kills 99.9 percent of bacteria. I work the floor using a Swifter with a rag attached on the end – you can wash the rags and reuse them.

I then empty the trash bin and place it in front of the bathroom door so no one gets in, to make sure it dries – usually about 15 minutes. That is it, I put away the cleaning supplies and I am done. It takes me about 30 minutes to clean a bathroom – slowly – maybe less. The thing I was trying to say is that I noticed that not only cleaning the bathroom but anything I start to work on, I gather my tools and imagine the process. Whether it is cleaning from top to bottom a bathroom or working on a project at work I use an organized method. Now I clean the bathroom from top to bottom, because in my mind if I clean the mirror or walls last the dirt falls to the ground or on the countertop, so I use gravidity to clean the bathroom – weird huh.

Once again as always, I do appreciate you stopping by reading an article or two. Please have a wonderful rest of your day or evening and remember you don’t necessarily have to be organized to accomplish something, but having a plan in place does make for an easier trip.

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