Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Oh-NO!

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It’s amazing how time has just flowed by this year, and to think sometime back in March of 2020 we were at the beginning of the pandemic, only to get locked down and remain in our homes for some time. We lost a lot of holidays, and it seem so dreadful, not being able to hand out candy or go trick-or-treating, not have Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, and not wake up Christmas morning to see the faces of your loved ones opening presents. Yes, some places still tricked-or-treated safely, thanksgiving dinners with close family happened, and maybe a few others snuck in, and some even continued the tradition of Christmas, but then again, I am sure many were out of a job and none of those things happen. The thing is that 2021 is here and nearly gone. Halloween is this coming up weekend; Thanksgiving is month away and Christmas is around the corner.

I think back to all the same holidays last year and try to remember what I did, but it all sort of gets foggy. I think for one thing I was blessed in keeping my job, but at the same time, I know that 2020 was a year that I happen to save quite a bit of money, it sounds weird. We hardly did any spending, and we did have a habit of going out to eat often before the pandemic, but last year we only went out twice; which meant quite a bit of saving for our family – yes I said twice. Not to say I liked it, it was nice to save, but going out was our thing, trying out new places, talking about the food, and the day was something I looked forward to. We are the type of family that goes out to eat, and puts away our electronics, and we actually talked and laughed – sometimes getting a little loud, but it was nice.

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The years before the pandemic, during Halloween, we had people over, and the next-door neighbors sort of had a block party. Last year’s Halloween we bought candy and decorated our house, and sat outside thinking maybe we would have some trick or treaters, but no one came. This year we will try the same thing and hope kids show up. As for thanksgiving, before the pandemic we had thanksgiving at a neighbor’s house, their entire family and some of their cousins, and of course are us – very nice. Last year it was only us, so we stayed at home, cook a ham with all the trimmings, it was nice, we had fun, but we missed the conversations with other people. This year it looks like it will be only us again, we’ll cook up something yummy and do the best. As for Christmas, well before the pandemic, we had my wife’s sister and her daughter come over and we would cook a nice meal on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas day open up presents and eat pozole. Last year Christmas was just us, we actually did not cook anything really and Christmas day we just had a few presents, for some reason we did not go all out on presents, not sure why. This year, it is looking like it will only be us again, because if you remember my sister-in-law returned with her ex-husband, which means she is not allowed to visit us. I am not sure what Christmas will bring this year. I know that my daughter already told me she does not want anything, except some cosmetics for her Minecraft character. My son, well I think his mom will be painting his car so that will be his present, but I am not sure if he wants anything else in particular, I need to ask him.

I think I am writing more this post out of astonishment, because 2021 is almost done with, and I feel that so much has happened, but what I ask myself. I know, I have my health, my kids are ok – sort of, the marriage isn’t the best, but it is what it is, but dang where did this year go? I hope I could at least look back and say that something positive came out of this year, but I can’t place my finger on what that could be. I am not trying to be negative, but just trying to think where did the year go? I am sure a lot of you are sitting there, staring at the screen and wondering the same thing. I mean I tried several times to start working out, and something or other just knocked that down, I have been contemplating about starting some side business, hustle, but somehow I am still in the same boat, probably going in circles. The only good thing, I think it is good, was that I bought some Shibu Inu Coin, and right now I am in the green – doing good. Other than that, my year, each day, just seems to get away from me. Not sure, but I do try and think positive, wake up positive, and try to work through everything for the day, but somehow it seems that I am still at the starting line revving my engine.

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Once again thank you for stopping by, I hope the post just started your juices going to think about how this year has gone so far for you. I leave you with this thought, “It might be getting close to the end of the year, but it is not the end. There is still time to start something you have been looking to do, and there is a new year approaching that will carry you forward – best of luck.”

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