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Yesterday the company I work for had a Habitat for Humanity event. We had the opportunity to build playhouses, which was a lot of fun to do. The thing is that even though we built the playhouses under a canopy, it was very hot and humid, but it was well worth it. It was pretty well organized because the location had all the pieces already made, pre-built, and all we had to do, like a puzzle, is put it together.

We put up the walls, then started to paint.

Now, this was the first time since 2019 that we were able to participate in an event for Habitat for Humanity, the last time we did was a building or help build a house. I worked on the window frames of the house and help dig a large trench along with the president of the division, it was a pretty cool experience.

We also had the opportunity to meet the family who was getting the house, and I have to say it was a very emotional moment. They expressed their sincere gratitude to us for taking the time to help build their home. It was a family with three kids and you could just see in their eyes how grateful they were.

The playhouse build had 22 volunteers from our company, and we built 2 playhouses. It was nice to see everyone, you beside just on Zoom. I did hear a lot of catching up among everyone, about kids, family, co-workers and of course the many changes the company was or is going through. The company provided Panera sandwiches, chips, a cookie and of course some cold water. Overall, the event was a success and everyone left the event feeling good. I do have to say though after the event my plan was to work out, but I think 4 hours in the sun, drilling, painting was equivalent to my T-25 workout for yesterday.

Moving right along.

These are moments in my life that certainly help, especially with the things I am going through. Anyhow, so back to the playhouse we built. The foreman told us that we needed to come up with a theme for our playhouse, and after some conversation, I told one of the managers that we should do a Minions theme since the new movie was coming out. Well, she loved the idea and decided on the colors.

Now, unfortunately, as things always go, she took the credit for the idea, and I was a bit upset about it, but then I realized that I allowed it to happen. Next time, I will definitely speak up and make myself heard when a good idea, like mine, is given.

The finished playhouse – not bad huh?

Just wanted to share this experience and mention that giving back to the community brings a good feeling all over, and I recommend you take a moment out of your busy day and volunteer in your community. I bet once you are done, you’ll feel really good about yourself or just in general.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and story, and with that, I leave you with this thought, “To find something you can enjoy is far better than finding something you can possess – Glen Holm.

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