Father and Daughter Bonding

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This past weekend, me and my daughter had the opportunity to do some bonding. You see, back when my son was her age, there were times that mom would leave for a weekend, and when she left and my son prepared appetizers and played games, either WII or board games for hours on end. I have not had the opportunity to experience that with my daughter until this past weekend. I have to say it was different, but I have not laughed at that for such a long while.

Friday, we ordered pizza, and watch the movie Naruto, she like anime. Saturday, we had to go get food for her snake, and then we ate some Mexican food. After having lunch, we played Minecraft for at least 3 hours, man the time flew by. We started on Bed Wars, in which the objective is to destroy your opponents’ bed, it is extremely fun to play with her, because we joke that she could beat me with both hands tied behind her and just using her nose. Afterward, we played VampieZ, the objective here is to stay alive for the duration of the game – there is more to it. Well, guess what I had my first win, and I screamed like crazy, and my daughter just laughed, but it was fun. My daughter is a little bit of a fussy eater so our food choices were limited, but we ended up having delicious nachos. While we were eating, we played some WII, Mario Cart, Kirby, and Mario Smash Bros. We always have fun with Mario Cart, and Kirby well I stink at it, she pretty much did all the work. Then we played Mario Smash Bros, which neither of us had ever played. You need to imagine that both of us did not have a clue on what to do and we just ran around crazy pressing all the buttons. We were not sure what the objective was, and of course, we never bothered looking it up on the net, but we laughed so much for nearly 30 minutes that I think our neighbors heard us.

Sunday came about, I made breakfast, and we did some homework she had leftover. It was pretty cool because we had to come up with a Greek myth about Tornados, make something up with characters, it was a lot of fun. Afterward we a late lunch and mom came home.

The thing is that it was nice, to connect with her and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The thing I wanted to share that it was a different connection that when I did it with my son, it seems more of a guy thing, and with my daughter, it felt deeper, well not that I don’t have a connection with my son, I am just saying that it was different.

Thanks again for reading, I hope you have a wonderful Monday or had a wonderful Monday.

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