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It has been over a month since I started to sell digital products on Etsy and even though I have seen a few people add my products to a wish list, no one has bought anything – yet. Take a look at my July post called Another Side Business – Etsy.

Now, I have of course neglected Etsy, not by choice, and of course, I feel bad. So, I went ahead and added some eBooks to my Etsy store. As for the description, and title of the new eBooks I listed, I think I upped my game by making them catchier or what is the word, more search Etsy application friendly – that is 4 words, I guess.

I am going to see how my new eBooks work out and of course, I am going to build some more of my own documents to add as well, whether it may be art pages, spreadsheets, or something else that individuals can use in their everyday lives and of course are in demand.

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If I see interest in my eBooks, then I will start adding more to my Esty account. I mean for 0.20 to list, that is not so bad. If I list says 100 eBooks at 0.20 each, the cost to list would be $20. Of course, once they sell everyone gets their piece of the action, but overall, the profits won’t be too bad.

Like I said I am not looking to get rich overnight, or even get rich. What I would like to do is replace what I make now with one or more of my side businesses. If I ever made what I make now, I think I would continue to work at my current 9-5 job and pay off some debt, make some upgrades to my house, add to my kid’s college fund (retirement fund), and of course save for my retirement, then once I am in a good place, I would quite my 9-5 job.

The time that I would have now I would dedicate to my family primarily, and then my side businesses hoping to grow them. I think a lot of us would like to get out of the rat race and try to enjoy some of our life while we are still young – that is my thought.

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I will of course keep you posted on my Etsy adventure and let you know how my eBooks are doing. With that, I leave you with this thought I found in one of my books. How I found it was interesting because all I did was pick up the book, and just opened it to a page randomly, and the quote popped, here it is, “A new attitude invariably creates a new result – Anonymous.”

I think you might enjoy this book, I believe they have it for free if you have the kindle subscription. (I might go ahead and purchase it myself, I will let you know)

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