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So, my wife has family in Ensenada, Baja California, and she usually goes once a month. I haven’t gone in at least 4 years, up until this weekend. I am not going to get into a pity party here, but this weekend I had an “Aha moment”, and hopefully it will not be one of those aha moments that I start and later somehow just don’t do anymore. Let me get into what happened and what aha moment got out of this trip.

Every time my wife and kids go, they always talk about where they went to eat, where they visited, and things like that, it always sounds like a busy and fun weekend. There are times that she only goes to get her hair done or the hair of our dog, pepper, and she hangs out at her house. You see her sister and she inherited their mother’s house, and well that is another story, but that is where she stays when she goes to Ensenada.

The house is not fancy at all, it is pretty outdated and well, it needs a whole lot of work, but at least the roof doesn’t leak, mostly, there is running hot water, mostly, and it is clean, mostly. It is a mess because her sister runs a restaurant on the bottom floor, and the top floor is a bedroom, bathroom, and small kitchen, but my wife’s niece lives there, mostly. There is a bedroom and bathroom built in the back of the house where my wife’s niece used to live. That bedroom is nice because my niece’s stepdad paid to build her that room and bathroom (See the picture below).

So, what happens is that my wife now stays in that bedroom when she visits Ensenada. You see my wife and daughter stay in the nice bedroom and when my son goes with them, he gets to stay upstairs, because my niece gives up her tiny apartment for him, and she simply goes to her boyfriend’s house, that’s is another story. On the bottom floor where my sister-in-law runs her restaurant, there is an ugly, as heck, bathroom used by her employees and it is disgusting, plus a bedroom slash storage room where guess what – I get to stay (See the picture below). Now I did not take a picture of the stored stuff, it is to the right of the first picture.

My thing is I totally understand my daughter should not be sleeping in a storage room slash bedroom, but the tiny apartment upstairs is good enough for me and my wife to sleep in the room and my son or daughter can sleep on the couch, then someone can take the nice bedroom downstairs – don’t you think?

Like I said I am not trying to start a pity party, but how am I not supposed to feel like I do when crap like this happens to me. Wait-wait, so when we first arrived in Ensenada, we did go out and get tacos, they were amazing, but that was it. As soon as we got back from the tacos, which was about 1, they all jumped on their cell phones, and then they all fell asleep. Around 5 pm, they all finally got up because guess what they were hungry.

We went to get dinner at a restaurant located on “La Primera”, which is the tourist area of Ensenada. We had a delicious dinner, see picture below, and then we headed home. Now, we got home and started a movie, but everyone was just on their phone for about an hour, not paying attention to the movie, then my son left to go to bed and my wife and daughter fell asleep during the movie, I don’t know when. All I did was, snuck out of the bedroom and went to my bedroom slash storage.

Fresh Catch of the day, and a cold Michelada.

What I am trying to say here is that they always talk about the great things they do when they all go to Ensenada, but as soon as I tag alone, nothing, nada, just sitting in the room and everyone on their phones. If I wanted to do that, I could have just stayed in the comfort of my own home. I mean my wife chats with her sister every single day, and she chatted a lot with her while we were there; I could barely get two words out of my wife, and we haven’t slept in the same room for at least 10 years – sorry another story.

I mean why would I want to drive hours to go to Ensenada only to be treated the same way I am at home, I might as well stay home and get ignored. In my mind, all I could say is “Can You Believe This!” Hold on so while I was in the bedroom slash storage I heard rats in the wall, man I was blown away, and of course, I could not sleep at all – go figure.

My Aha moment; it was then that I decided to stop worrying about what everyone did or thought they did to me, and start worrying about myself, my thoughts, my everything. So this past Monday I started to work out again, I am doing the T-25 workout program, and then I follow up with some weight lifting, and end it with a 10 minute meditation session. I am going to tell you, it has been two of the best days I have felt in a long time, now let’s hope I can stick to it.

Picture credit to Pinterest.

Anyhow, enough of my story, I hope you had a great weekend and I try to leave you with a thought, “I believe that all relationships are tough, whether it is friendship, co-workers, couples, business, etc. they are all tough. The thing is that I truly believe that communication plays a vital role in any relationship. So, whatever you do, keep talking.”

I think you’d enjoy this book.

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Strange but true, I was born in San Salvador, as an abroad US citizen. It sounds strange, but you see, my mother was 5 months pregnant and happen to be visiting San Salvador. She slipped and fell in a pool and well, I was born. I am a twin, but unfortunately, he did not make and I did. My mother’s side of the family happens to be well of, and I had the opportunity to live a nice life early in my childhood. You know, private school, servant, nice home, and vacations. Things change when my mother decided to follow my father to the United States and well, that is where my story begins. I started a blog a while back, but life sort of hit and I left it behind, but now as I am a bit older, I decided I needed an avenue to share my experiences with others, while at the same time allowing me to open up and talk like I am on someone’s couch, I guess you could say. This blog will be more like an open book, created by experiences that I have had throughout my life. Experiences that many could relate to and what I did or how I handled it, you know after the fact. You never know there just might be a piece of information, idea, an option that someone could use and it would help them through the experience. Just remember these are my experiences, things I have been through, work through, and lived through – it does not mean I am right, but it does not mean I am wrong – it is simply an experience.

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