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Not sure if you have had the opportunity to read my recent post “Last Straw, No More Cooking”. You, know as the post said, I was no longer going to walk in the kitchen, but the thing is I forgot I have kids, well one younger and of course my college son, who still likes his mommy and daddy to do the cooking. So what happened was this weekend, my wife went out of town, she needed to take care of a few things and since I did not have the money to go out to eat, I decided to cook at home. I just finished paying for my daughter’s eye exam, and new glasses; man I forgot how expensive things are even with the darn insurance – I paid $478 this past Friday – ouch. Plus, I had to pay for my sons’ tuition as well, and of course, we all know how expensive college is. So, that is the reason I had to step back into the kitchen. Anyhow, on Saturday I made shredded roasted chicken in mushroom sauce served on a bed of white rice for dinner, we had leftovers from Friday for lunch so we were all good for Saturday.

Now, Sunday, I woke up early, got a cup of coffee, took a minute to myself, and then started to clean the house – I have to tell you what happen. I started with the master bathroom toilet, tub, vanity, etc., then I moved to the guest bathroom, and then cleaned all the wooden floors and I mean clean. I first sweep with some cloth mop, then I follow through with those dry-swifter mops (they are great), and finally, I used the floor shine. I then cleaned the kitchen and finished with mopping the floor, and let me tell it is amazing how things can get dirty from one day to the next. So, back to the cooking, after cleaning I made a Mac and Cheese dish. The recipe comes from a good friend that was kind enough to share their family recipe with me and let me tell you it is the bomb. The only thing I did differently was I added bits of bacon to the recipe.

The funny thing is, if you remember my post, I talk about how people react when they are pushed and pushed beyond their limits, and then it gets to the point where enough is enough – the last straw. I mean it happens to all of us at some point, right, with just aboiut anything. It can be as simple as been tired of a job, or friends’ drama, you know whatever that may be that finally pushes that button. If you think about it somehow we end up right back where we started at. You left a job because of a bad boss, only to start at one with similar issues, or maybe you had enough of your partner, once again only to end up with someone just like them, it is just weird but why does that happen. I mean last time I said I would not touch or help with the cooking, but of course, I had to since my kids needed me to – I guess. I mean I am sure they could have just rustled up something, a sandwich, or cereal and they would have been ok. So, with that, I have to say that even though I said I would not step foot in a kitchen, I ended up doing so. I think it is funny when things like that happen – is it the universe laughing at you or maybe telling you something. I was trying to see if maybe something else similar happen in my experiences that led me to the same feelings or reactions I had, maybe a girlfriend of mine where enough was enough, hmm I am not sure. The thing is that now that I am writing more, I start to realize certain things that I have been through, how I reacted, what I did, the results, it keeps my thoughts clear – interesting.

Anyways, so as for the cleaning part, I clean extremely well, but when my wife got home somehow, she found something that was not to her liking, and I was speechless, I couldn’t believe it. I can’t remember what it was and I think that as soon as I heard I tuned it all out and was astonished.

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I come to the end of my writing and I thank you once again and as always I leave you with this thought, “It is ok if you end up back where you started, but I believe that we can learn from our experiences and maybe if we handle it differently the next time around we will get a better outcome – just a thought”.

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Strange but true, I was born in San Salvador, as an abroad US citizen. It sounds strange, but you see, my mother was 5 months pregnant and happen to be visiting San Salvador. She slipped and fell in a pool and well, I was born. I am a twin, but unfortunately, he did not make and I did. My mother’s side of the family happens to be well of, and I had the opportunity to live a nice life early in my childhood. You know, private school, servant, nice home, and vacations. Things change when my mother decided to follow my father to the United States and well, that is where my story begins. I started a blog a while back, but life sort of hit and I left it behind, but now as I am a bit older, I decided I needed an avenue to share my experiences with others, while at the same time allowing me to open up and talk like I am on someone’s couch, I guess you could say. This blog will be more like an open book, created by experiences that I have had throughout my life. Experiences that many could relate to and what I did or how I handled it, you know after the fact. You never know there just might be a piece of information, idea, an option that someone could use and it would help them through the experience. Just remember these are my experiences, things I have been through, work through, and lived through – it does not mean I am right, but it does not mean I am wrong – it is simply an experience.

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