Amazon Pricing – WTF

Precisely I am writing this on Amazon Prime Day. I have heard of this pricing difference between customers and had friends tell me they have experienced it as well, but I never thought I would see it with my own eyes. Amazon algorithms cheat good people, this is why; the other day my spouse was looking to buy some dolls for the business, and she was not sure on the names, so she had her employee look them up on Amazon. The employee found them and they were let’s just say 20 dollars. She told my spouse the name and when she went to look up the dolls, the exact same seller, name brand, they were listed at 11 dollars. I am telling you, the exact same seller, the same description, I am talking about identical, and for some reason, the price the employee got was 9 dollars more. So they both went ahead and search something else up, this time a tikes bicycle, the employee got a 35 dollar cost, while my spouse got a 55 dollar cost. Once again checking everything, same seller, same brand, same description, everything but a 20 dollar difference.

So, the reason I am bringing this up is that I was looking to buy a dashcam, for my spouse, and then my son. I had recently purchased one, but the brand I had no longer was available. I happen to find another brand with similar features, etcetera selling for $72.99. I told my spouse the brand, name buyer, etc. She looked it up and found the same camera, same seller, selling for $54.99 – that is the picture I am using.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, it could be a different seller, but trust me we checked and double-checked and it is exactly the same, yet she gets 54.99. I don’t know, but something is not right here, I mean it could be that I mostly buy the electronics in the household, but why the price difference. Even when she did it with her employee, the same everything but different price. I am going to ask my son next to look up the same item, then my daughter and see what they get – I will have to follow up on this as I get more information or other search results from other people.

FYI – even when I applied the so-called coupon you see on the screen the price is different – just saying.

I leave you with this thought, next time you want to buy something on Amazon, have your friend look it up, or your spouse, or kids and see if the same price comes up – just saying. Thanks for reading, please have a great Monday.

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