A School Counselor Changed My Life

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I feel like a lot of my posts are a bit depressing, but I realize that even though they are somewhat depressing that my posts let people know that everyone is probably struggling through something, but like in my case I am still here each day posting away and sharing my experiences, feelings, struggles, and whatever else comes to mind.

Just remember that whatever you might be going through, if you look in the mirror, you’ll see that you have somehow gotten up, put on your clothes, and step forward. It might be only to the kitchen, or living room but you are still getting up. Now it is just a matter of finding a way out of whatever you might be going through.

Trust me there is a lot of help out there for you and me, and other people just like you and me going through difficult times, but let me challenge you, as I will challenge myself, tomorrow morning get up, get dressed, go to the couch or living room, but instead of sitting down, step outside for about 5 minutes and take in all the outside world, it will be ok.

Today’s topic was supposed to be about a teacher that changed my life, but what stood out in my mind was not a teacher, but a counselor that took me from the depths, pulled me up and set me on the right path, well at least he pulled me out of whatever I was thinking back when I was 16 years old.

You see as I said, my childhood was not pretty and when I started to work in my Freshman year in high school, the money that came in took me on a different path. You see I had to stand in front of a Judge when I was 15 to see if I could work, to help my mother. He allowed it, but with the condition that my grades were never to go lower than a B.

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Six months into my work, I started to see how money, and life, worked. I was a straight-A student, had honor classes, and yeah, I was a teacher’s pet. I was one of those kids who took those courses in college during the summer of my 6, 7, and 8th-grade years, which were my middle school years. They had this summer program at a local community college for kids to take courses in computers, science, biology, anthropology, speed reading, typing, and so much more, loved those days.

Now, during my sophomore year, for some ridiculous reason, I decided to drop out of school and work full-time. Three months into this madness, I got a visit from my counselor, Mr. Finesse. He caught me outside my work one day and sat me down. Told me that I was making a mistake and that I had a promising future, and he continued to talk. It seemed like hours went by, and I felt like my soul had left my body and all I was hearing was the voice of Charlie Brown’s mom.

That night I talked to my supervisor and told them I was heading back to school, and the next morning I drove up to school. It was a strange feeling like I never left, but I did. As soon as I parked my car, and started up the long staircase, some of my friends started to notice me and it seemed like everyone was looking at me.

I walked into the main office and the administrator saw me, she smiled and asked me to sit. A few minutes later Mr. Finesse came around the corner and hugged me. He walked me to his office, but during the walk through the campus, I could hear whispering, and people looking at me. We reached his office and pulled out a slip of classes from his drawer. It almost seemed like he knew I was coming that day. Of course, I had some catching up to do, but with the big brain I am, it was no problem – just kidding.

If it wasn’t for Mr. Finesse taking the time to go to my work and just talk to me, I might have been in a totally different situation today. The funny thing is, that a few years out of high school, I ran into Mr. Finesse at a gas station. I was pumping gas and heard a familiar voice when I looked over it was him. I broke down in tears as I walked over to him, and I could see that he was tearing up as well. The embrace was powerful, I didn’t want to let go, but when I did, I looked him right in the eye and said “Thank You”. That was the last time I saw him. Mr. Finesse truly changed my life.

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With that, I want to say thank you for stopping by and leave you with this thought, “Every day is a struggle, it might be small, it might be big, but whatever it is, you got this. You came this far, so now is not the time to give up.

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