31 Blog Writing Prompts to Break Your Writer’s Block

Written by Katrina Kirsch

One of the things I do struggle with is content, you know what should I write about without getting too personal. Like everything else, we can find thousands of ideas for our next post on the internet. Of course like everyone else I found several locations or other bloggers that offer up ideas, and this one happen to be one on my list. I think you will enjoy the prompts, now of course feel free to visit the original article, “31 Blog Writing Prompts to Break Your Writer’s Block”, where Katrina offers a whole post about blogging and how to get through any writer blocks, that many of us go through.

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Here is the list of 31 Blog Writing Prompts:

  1. Write about values that matter to you.
  2. Explain a problem in your industry and offer a solution.
  3. Describe a time you were challenged and how you faced it.
  4. Write about the idea of self-care and what it means to you.
  5. Recount a tough lesson you’ve learned lately.
  6. Tell a story about one of the following words: success, fulfillment, growth, and achievement.
  7. Write about how a mentor has changed your perspective.
  8. Describe an event you remember from childhood and how it shaped your career.
  9. Share a relationship that impacted you.
  10. Write about the goals you’d like to work toward in the next five years.
  11. Reveal a superpower you’d love to have and what you’d do with it.
  12. Describe your definition of happiness.
  13. Write about your opinion of the world.
  14. Share a list of your best career tips.
  15. Discuss how flaws can be seen as strengths.
  16. Write about a time when you were incredibly happy or sad.
  17. Share the most recent thing you’ve learned about yourself.
  18. Choose three of your beliefs and why they matter to you.
  19. Dive into life lessons you believe everyone can benefit from learning.
  20. Describe your daily routines and how they impact you.
  21. Imagine your own secret lair and explain what’s inside.
  22. Tell a story about achievement.
  23. Describe the trip of a lifetime.
  24. Share your ideal way to spend a favorite holiday.
  25. Choose three photos with different scenes and create a story to tie them together.
  26. Write about the ups and downs of your first job.
  27. Select a cause you’re passionate about and explain why it matters.
  28. Pick one of your dreams, and describe how you’d bring it to life.
  29. Write about a person you admire.
  30. Explain what makes you feel fragile or strong.
  31. Write about something intangible: faith, magic, energy, power, or creativity.

Some of these prompts are deep and could potentially cause some readers to get upset, scroll away from your post, or maybe provide a witty comment – who knows, but it shouldn’t matter because as bloggers we just want to get information out whatever that may be and it might not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t please everyone right.

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Thanks for stopping by this quick post, I will leave you with this thought, “Write from the heart, write as though you are right in front of the people you are speaking to, tell it like it is, be you.

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