I think I finally Know Why?

If you are in a bad situation, stop and think about why you are putting up with it, and then focus on the solution. I promise, that you will find a new level of energy at that moment, and eventually you will be where you are meant to be – best of luck.

Another Side Business – Etsy

Another Side Business – Etsy. I will definitely keep you posted, and maybe do a quick write-up on the listing process, give you some ideas on description creation or something. With that, I do leave you with a thought, “It will seem dark some days, and some days you just want to give up, but stop, take a deep breath, count to 10, and move forward. Something will give and it shouldn’t be you.”

Daughters School Workspace – Product Review

Listen to the Podcast During the start of the pandemic, when all the kids had to attend school online, they were all provided a laptop and their school books. Now, we realized that my daughter did not have adequate space to do her homework, and the laptop she was given blocked a lot of sites,Continue reading “Daughters School Workspace – Product Review”