Date Night – Gone Wrong

Please, keep date night and never let fear or other obligations stop you from enjoying each other’s company as you did before. I know sometimes we might not have someone to watch the kids or pets, but find a way and have a date night at least once a week – you will both be better for it and the relationship will be better for it.

Depressed – One Day

There are going to be days that are worse than others. There are going to be days that will bring you to your knees, and those days will seem that it is all done for, but I believe that we all have that inner strength to get through, because if you look at things, we made it through a pandemic or simply, we have made this far, so let’s move forward we got this.

Is Drop Shipping Dead?

You can end up spending a month and even years researching something, and that is ok, the thing is after a while to much information will cloud the senses, so I believe it is time to move forward, or stop altogether; whatever you decide, it will be ok.