Fatherly Advice

I know we all want to experience life for ourselves, being first-time parents, first time home buyers, but if you can get a little advice from someone that already experienced it, take it, maybe you don’t use it, but you never know it might just come in handy.

When Just Your Breathing Sets off the Argument

relationships, whether it’s friendship, relatives, marriage, or co-workers, can be tricky, but I truly believe that communication is the key to any issues that come up. So, the next you hear that sigh, stop, take a breath, and talk.

Birthday Celebrations as We Grow

If you really like to celebrate your birthdays, and it isn’t about the gifts, do them – celebrate them because the memories you get from that one day are going to be priceless and I am sure there are people that would love to celebrate your birthday with you – just celebrate your birthday.